How Horticultural Therapy Gave Life Back to Armin

Armin*, age 50
Having grown up orphaned, Armin worked his entire life to provide for himself, his wife and five children. A passionate gardener, Armin was known to speak non-stop about different trees, flowers and agricultural techniques.

Armin suffered a stroke causing half his body to respond exceptionally slow. His lack of motor skills and partial paralysis lead him into severe depression. Taking advice from his family, Armin reached out Jiyan Foundation in Chamchamal last spring.

Realizing his passion for gardening and yearning for physical activity our therapists invited Armin to eight sessions of garden therapy at the healing garden.

Soon after, Armin gifted his own trees and flowers to plant in the garden. On his final therapy session Armin confessed he was afraid to return home but thanks to his therapy he has now gained the courage and inspiration to go back to his home village and create his own sanctuary for local plants and animals.

While his motor skills aren’t what they used to be, his depression has subsided, and Armin looks forward to retiring to his own sanctuary where he can pay forward the help that he was given.

Additionally, the plants he tended to last spring are thriving this summer, providing shade and security to the animals of the healing garden.
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