Putting the survivors first: Forging the C4JR


Putting the survivors first: Forging the Coalition for Just Reparations


Dealing with the legacy of gross human rights violations by providing mental health and medical support to survivors has been an utmost priority for Jiyan Foundation. Our experience has shown that justice plays an important role in coping with trauma. For this reason, we’ve made a strategic decision in 2018 to focus on the reparative side of justice. After broad consultations conducted in 2019 Jiyan Foundation spearheaded an alliance of 25 Iraqi NGOs calling for comprehensive reparations for civilian victims of atrocity crimes perpetrated during the ISIL conflict in Iraq: The Coalition for Just Reparations (C4JR).


The C4JR uses Iraqi law and international human rights law to support reparation claims of survivors and encourage Iraqi authorities to meet their obligation to provide reparations. A concept of reparations promoted by the C4JR is not limited to compensation but includes a wide range of entitlements such as symbolic reparations, rehabilitation, restitution and guarantees of non-repetition with a strong transformative aspect. By the end of 2020 C4JR grew to 30 NGOs and managed to:


  • agree on the position paper outlining core principles on reparations in Iraq that will serve as a blueprint to measure forthcoming state efforts to provide reparations to victims
  • publish a Draft Law on Reparations for Survivors of Conflict Related Sexual Violence Committed During the ISIL Conflict in Iraq
  • engage Iraqi parliamentarians into discussion on how to improve legislative bill aiming to provide reparations to Yazidi Women Survivors
  • organize a virtual conference with UNAMI on Reparations for Survivors of Conflict Related Sexual Violence
  • collaborate and support IOM effort to increase awareness of Iraqi parliamentarians concerning justice and reparations
  • establish a working group on women´s rights and conflict related sexual violence which produced a Policy paper on Reparations with recommendations that need to be put into practice for a C4JR Draft Law to be effectively implemented
  • establish contacts with relevant national and international stakeholders
  • run a media campaign promoting reparations for survivors of conflict related sexual violence
  • organize an online discussion with NGOs working on the rights of victims of ISIL in Iraq and North-East Syria


Over the next few years Jiyan Foundation hopes to expand the C4JR and begin  to assess and advocate for the implementation reparations programs to all survivors of ISIL atrocities. Visit www.C4JR.org for more information and follow C4JR on twitter for immediate updates.